You Don’t Choose Ferrari. Ferrari Chooses You. The Rules Of Buying A Ferrari.

It’s true. You don’t choose Ferrari. Ferrari chooses you. You don’t get to take half a million dollars into a Ferrari dealership and buy one of their ultra sleek and speedy cars. You may need to pass a litany of tests. Especially for special edition cars. You may be able to buy a used one, but the new Ferrari smell won’t ever be yours unless you pass the test.

First off, you may be asked to pass a background check. Especially for a limited edition Ferrari. Only the cream of the crop can score an Enzo. Ferrari may never say who they prefer to drive their cars, but the rumor is being a male over 40 with a clean driving record and a good reputation helps.

Don’t plan on selling it for a while. I’ve heard Ferrari looks down on people who sell their cars quickly after buying them. Plan to keep it for at least a year and DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT SELLING IT FOR LESS THAN MARKET VALUE!

Once you get the Ferrari, don’t mess with it. Don’t paint it. Wrap it. Nothing. Don’t even think about messing with the horse badge either. You do that, there may be a chance you’ll never get another Ferrari again. Ferrari apparently believes they are perfect off the line. No adjustments needed. This could also be a ploy to ensure all custom work is done with them and them alone.

Do you already own a Lamborghini? Get it out of the garage. Rumor is Ferrari poo poos the idea of selling to owners of their competitors car.

Being a celebrity doesn’t guarantee you a Ferrari. Deadmau5, Justin Bieber and others are apparently on Ferrari’s shit list for making customizations that go against the brand. 50 Cent posted a photo of his red Ferrari on a tow truck after the battery went on it and Ferrari allegedly didn’t love that. Nic Cage also apparently sold a Ferrari Enzo below market value to pay of government debts. Something they allegedly held against him.

In the end, having the money for a Ferrari and being denied one means you are out of problems in your life. Go buy a Lambo and get on with your awesome life.

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