Random pic of the week

Time for another series of blogs. It might be more than once a week, but I’ll go for at least once!

I started going through my phone and getting rid of pictures because I have way too many. Random things I don’t remember, memes that are out of date, recipes that I’ll never use, and videos that I’d rather my kids not see if they happen to be going through camera roll.

But some are pretty awesome, thus creating Evan’s random camera roll picture of the week.

For the first one we will go all the way back to the first photo I have on my phone. Now, this isn’t the first one I ever took with one of my many iPhones, but it’s the earliest one I still have.

We are gong back to October 17, 2008 for this one. It just so happens to be of one of the most underrated Canadian bands of all time playing a gig at 1326 Hamilton St. After Big Sugar, Gordie Johnson had another band called Grady that was loud and bluesy. No monitors on stage, just the stacks that were hanging from the ceiling at The Distrikt.

You’ll notice that the quality of the pictures gets significantly better as the years will go by. Unless I’m trying to be sneaky and take the picture. Which is what next weeks picture will be. A picture that I’ve actually never shared with anyone!

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