The New Saskatchewan Roughrider Alternates Are Here!!!

Last week Evan and I received mysterious green canisters with paint sticks in them. The sticks had a dark green colour on them with and a qr code. We scanned the code and we were invited to a top secret event at the Rider Store at Mosaic Stadium for an announcement. We were asked not to talk about the event publicly.

Evan and I started speculating. What could it be? It had a paint stick. It could be a new CFL wide paint with official colours of the teams. Maybe someone created a new version of the song “Green Is The Colour”. Nope…it was better.

As we walked in, we noticed paint canisters at the door. WE KNEW IT!! It’s paint. No…it wasn’t. Minutes after getting there, Harris and crew took to the stage in these beautiful alternate uniforms.

They aren’t black uniforms, but they’re close. The dark green colour is called “obsidian green” with “Rider Nation” emblazoned on the front of the helmet and neck of the uniform.

The new S logo on the side of the helmet looks chunkier with a wheat sheaf down the middle. They look sharp. You can get the uniforms and retail merch in the new look right now at the Rider Store!

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