Utah’s top 20 choices for their NHL team

There have been rumors for the past few weeks about what Utah’s NHL team will be named. They’ve narrowed the list down to 20. Here are my choices from last to first:

20. HC – It’s bland. It’s boring. Zero Originality. It shouldn’t even be a choice.

19. Black Diamonds – Utah isn’t known for cheese. I know it’s a ski reference, but I still think cheese.

18. Canyons – Sounds better than Gorges I guess.

17. Powder – They’ll end up being nicknamed Pow Pow.

16. Caribou – There isn’t even Caribou in Utah.

15. Hive – Cool name for an arena, not so great for a team.

14. Mountaineers – this could easily jump to #1 if this guy is their logo

13. Blast – Mountains and dynamite go hand in hand, but not a great sound for a sports team.

12. Glaciers – I guess they’re big, but if global warming is any indication, they’re also melting.

11. Swarm – This would be better suited for a team in a warmer climate.

10. Freeze – You’ll notice a lot of weather references in the top 10, it makes sense considering the climate. I feel this is the weakest of all of them.

9. Fury – Not bad, especially if you look at it from a Greek mythology point of view, it’s the spirit of punishment.

8. Ice – It’s already been used.

7. Frost – It covers everything, so it could work.

6. Blizzard – There is a few different references with this one, it could be the Wests answer to the Hurricanes.

5. Squall – It’s a violent wind, and very similar to Blizzard.

4. Venom – I There’s rattlesnakes there. Lots of opportunity for a great logo.

3. Outlaws – I like the western feel to it. I think it would have been better suited for when they were in Arizona.

I keep going back and forth with the top two. but once it’s on the internet, it’s forever. Except for that one video with the cup. It’s gone.

2. Yeti – I had this one at #1 since it was rumoured to be a choice. Utah Yeti has a great ring to it and there is lots of opportunity for a solid logo. But that’s why I have it at #2. the Colorado Avalanche already have a Yeti/Big Foot logo.

  1. Mammoth – This has a great ring to it, logo opportunities are phenomenal, and it’s super fitting for the area and it’s history. The more I think about it, I would be shocked if this wasn’t the choice.

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