A weekend full of Stage Falls

Hopefully your weekend went better than Vince Neil and Mike McCreedy’s did.

Let’s start off with Vince!

Motley Crue were kicking off their latest tour in Atlantic City, New Jersey on Friday night. The band was only a few songs deep in to their set when Vince decided to try and skip across the stage. Right before the lyrics were to kick in, Vince did a face plant. Luckily, he was okay and was able to sing as good as Vince can!

He looks like he took it pretty well. I would have thought he would have thrown a fit!

This wasn’t the only musician to have a stage mishap on their tour kickoff this weekend.

Pearl Jam kicked off their Dark Matter World Tour in Vancouver this weekend with a 25 song set. The band debuted a bunch of new songs during the set, even wrapping the night up with a new one called “Setting Sun.” The final song before the encore was “Porch.” Mike McCreedy was ripping on the solo when got a little too close to the edge. Obviously you should watch the whole video, but if you want to see the fall, it happens around the 3:20 mark.

He was able to get back up on the stage, with some help, and finish the night off!

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