Random Song of The Week

I was a teenager in the PRIME wave of metal/hardcore music

I’m talking walls of death, picking up pennies and blowing your neck out at breakdowns while someone in the band would flip their guitar over and it would say like “have hope” on it

Heavy music has always been something I’ve enjoyed and one band in particular has two of my ALL TIME albums in the genre….


The first two albums (Discoveries, Singularity) from the Australian band stayed in heavy rotation in my life. And this week’s song is from the band’s first record…


It is a top 5 tune of all time for me. It’s a song that I’ll listen to while I’m running or when I want to have an angry cry. The lyrics and the heavy instrumentation (especially the drums) and just a pure 10/10 for me.

Favourite Lyric

“I’ve forgotten how to love,
Searching behind locked doors in my mind.
Cast aside the fear of reality”

If you’re a fan of heavy music I’d STRONGLY recommend checking out the first 2 Northlane records! Next we we’re jumping back into a CLASSIC tune!

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