My Top 5 Greatest Concerts

I’ve been lucky enough to check out some of the greatest bands of all time. Being in the radio industry has given me the chance to see the best. However, I’m a music fan first. Concerts have always been special to me. The connection between the fans and the artists in that moment are something to behold. It’s always made even more special in the world of rock music as you never really know how the show is going to go. Here’s my top 5.

5. AC/DC- Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field (Regina) August 24 2009- The band hadn’t been to Saskatchewan in years and it was my first (and only) time seeing them live. The place was sold out and the weather was perfect. I was lucky enough to be sitting on the floor so I could see them up close. I could not get over how small they were physically but their stage presence was unmatched. They were just next level and gave every ounce of their energy on stage that night.

4. Pantera- Sask Place (Saskatoon) July 31 2001- Loud. So loud. So very very loud. It took days for my hearing to recover. The crowd was small at this one but seeing Dimebag in action was wild. I couldn’t believe the sounds he made. I also couldn’t believe how much booze he drank.

3. Audioslave- Rexall Place (Edmonton) October 1 2005- The setlist was amazing. I loved how they didn’t shy away from their previous bands and played it all. Seeing Chris Cornell live for the first time was an experience. He had so much power to his voice. And being a Rage Against The Machine fan, I thought this would be the closest I’d get to seeing them live. I seriously almost cried while they played. Little did I know….

2. Metallica- Commonwealth Stadium (Edmonton) August 27 2017- It wasn’t my first time seeing Metallica live, but this show was so innovative. The stage was like something I had never seen before. Not to mention, Gojira and Avenged Sevenfold opened things up. I can’t wait to see them this summer in Edmonton again.

1. Rage Against The Machine- Madison Square Garden (New York City) August 8 2022- Growing up, RATM was everything to me. Their self titled debut is still an absolutely perfect record to me. I also never thought I’d have the opportunity to see them live. Let alone, at Madison Square Garden with Run The Jewels. It was sooooooo hot that night and I think that just made the experience even better. It was also their first night of several shows in a row at MSG so you could tell they were fired up too. They also cancelled the rest of the tour after the New York shows. It taught me a valuable lesson. Go and see your favourite bands and artists while you can. You never know when the opportunity will go away.


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