Cotton Candy Stinks

I don’t think there is a MORE overrated sweet treat that exists in the world.

Look, I understand the initial appeal of cotton candy…

I remember being a chubby little blonde haired boy wandering around a parking lot carnival in Oshawa, Ontario. Looking up and seeing a magical bright pink candy cloud for the first time. And thinking that looked like something out of my dreams……

When in reality it is a NIGHTMARE

It has to be the most annoying thing to eat. The moment you touch it with your fingers. It just instantly becomes the most sticky substance known to man. And you have to take an industrial pressure washer to your finger tips to MAYBE get it off. Don’t get me STARTED on when it hits your mouth, it loses all structural integrity and becomes this weird candy booger

Cotton Candy STINKS

(cotton candy formaldehyde at the dentist is amazing)

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