Vote Wolseley for Kraft Hockeyville

In the 18 years of Kraft Hockeyville, there have been multiple Saskatchewan towns nominated for Kraft Hockeyville, but there has never been a winner from the province.

That changes this weekend, with your help. you sign up HERE to vote. Then, starting Friday morning at 7am Regina time, you start voting, and you can vote often!

I was born and raised in Wolseley. I spent countless hours in the Wolseley Sportsplex, it truly was the hub of the town in winter. Now, after 44 years, they need a new ice plant. That doesn’t come cheap. Once it’s all said and done, they town of Wolseley and the arena board will be looking at a price tag of around $800,000. That’s why your vote is so important!

Chad and I had a chance to talk with Vance Weber about all the work the Hockeyville committee has done.

If you feel like posting on social media about it, here’s where you can find everything and the hashtags to use.

Here’s what’s happening at the Wolseley Sportsplex this weekend!

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