House Adventures With Sean Pt.2

Lawyer?…..barely even know her

Went and met with our lawyer (chill dude had a great suit) today to cross the T’s and dot the….lower case j’s



After going over payments, the mortgage and taxes we are GOOD TO GO. I will say meetings like this one make me even more grateful for my lovely wife. She is good with numbers and business dealings and I AM NOT. Throughout this process one of my go to jokes has been calling her my business manager. Everytime we get into meetings with all of these numbers I feel like I’m back in math class having a pool of nervous sweat form into a pool in the crevice of my supple lower back at the mear whisper of the phrase…..BEDMAS

The next step in the house adventure…

Got any home ownership tips? PLEASE LET ME KNOW [email protected]

I don’t have a picture with my lawyer so here is one of my cat who was licking himself while I was writing this (yeah those are 15lbs dumbbells NOT A BIG DEAL)

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