The Dreaded “Walk Of Shame”

There are many variations of the “Walk of Shame”, it’s not just reserved for the morning-after crowd.

Remember being a new driver, feeling all confident and cool, pulling up to the gas station…but…the gas cap is on the other side. Cue the awkward shuffle back to your car, feeling like a total newbie.

And let’s not forget the classic public washroom scenario. You know the one I’m talking about. You’re doing your business, minding your own business, when suddenly you hear someone walk in. And then it hits you – they heard EVERYTHING. That’s a long walk to the sink.

But perhaps the most common version of the “Walk of Shame” is when you realize you need way too many groceries to carry them all without a cart.

You try to play it cool, stacking items in your arms like a game of Jenga, but we all know how that ends – with a crash and a red-faced walk of shame back to the entrance for a cart… This might be the most embarrassing.

But we’ve all done it.

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