Soup Season is almost gone

September brings one of the most magical times of year.

Soup season.

Soup With Minced Herbs on Round White Ceramic Plate

Soup season isn’t limited to just soup though. There’s chili and stew that can be added to that list.

The worst part of spring is knowing this season is going to end. But the good news is that it doesn’t have to.

People think that eating soup when it’s warm out is a crazy idea. But that’s like saying drinking beer when it’s cold out is a bad idea. Well I have news for you, friend-o! It’s not a bad idea.

You pull hot burgers off the grill and then jam them down your gullet. Why not ladle some soup in to a bowl and slowly slurp it down?

Sure, chili is hot in a couple of ways, but so is that glizzy that you pulled off a stick after cooking it on the fire.

What I’m trying to get at here is that soup season never has to end. It only ends if you want it to. But I will admit, nothing beats a hot bowl of soup when it’s cold out. But, then again, nothing beats a beer while playing pond hockey!

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