I Quit Drinking For A Month. Here’s What Happened and Didn’t Happen

This is not an anti-drinking post. I love drinking. The warm flush of a great scotch on a cold winter night. That first beer after cutting the grass in July. I love it. But, I’ve always wondered. Could I just drop it? What would the affects be?

I wouldn’t consider myself a heavy drinker. My guess would be around 5 a week on average with the occasional night that got away from me. But, recently things had picked up. Over the holidays I was a bit of a “boozy Suzy” as David Spade would say. Once we returned from the Waste Management Open in Phoenix in early February, I figured it was time to kick the hooch. So I did. I didn’t prepare for it. I just did it. I didn’t have any goals. I had no intention on getting rid of booze forever. I just wanted to take a break. Here’s what I noticed.

  1. The social pressure. More so, the complete lack of it. My wife was VERY supportive and understood why I wanted to try it out. I’m forty years old. Most of my friends completely get it. Our social outings don’t completely revolve around drinking anymore. It should be noted that I understand not everyone is in this same situation. But for me, I just didn’t care what anyone thought. Again, that comes with age.
  2. The urge to drink in social settings was completely my own. The action of bringing a drink to my mouth mid conversation was there. So I replaced it with non-alcoholic beer and diet pop.
  3. Non-alcohol options are great. Even the “near beer” is good. Of course it’s not entirely the same. But they look the part. They relieve any sort of social pressure you may be feeling. Seriously, there are great options out there now.
  4. The changes in health aren’t as immediate as people say. I’ll admit, I feel good. I like waking up Saturday morning without feeling sluggish. But I haven’t lost a pile of weight. Maybe a couple of pounds. I don’t feel overly energized. But, I do feel good more consistently. Does that make sense? I sleep better. But booze always kept me up so that makes sense.
  5. I’ve never noticed how much money I spend on alcohol. It’s probably a couple hundred bucks a month. It’s nice to have that kicking around.
  6. It’s just nice to know you can do it. That may be the biggest thing I’ve picked up from this. It feels (or gives the illusion) that I’m in control of my own life a little.

Every one has a different experience with this. It’s not for everyone and I completely understand those that just want to drink. My plan is to keep going without booze until May 1st, but I’m not putting any pressure on myself. If you see me out with a beer in my hand before then, don’t judge. I didn’t lose the battle. I just really wanted a beer.


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