Wearing a Ski Mask/Balaclava Is Kind Of Terrifying

Clearly, we’re in ski mask weather. It’s cold and blustery. We had a good blast of winter over the weekend. But we dress for it. We’re strong prairie folk. This isn’t our first rodeo. However, I may have almost been killed by my neighbor by accident.

When I shovel in the cold I wear a ski mask. I look like an absolute serial killer/madman out there. But hey, I’m warm. I used to walk our dog at night in winter while wearing one. You get some side eyes for sure. However, sometimes I forget I’m wearing it. I had wrapped up clearing my driveway off yesterday and still had a bit of fuel in the tank so I decided to head over and help my neighbor shovel her driveway. She was mid shovel stroke when I accidentally snuck up behind her and (apparently quite loudly) said “HEY, NEED HELP?”. Well, she reached back with that shovel like she was the old man in Home Alone ready to take me out. Luckily, she realized it was me fairly quickly or I’d still be in hospital. Lesson learned. However, some may argue my moustache is creepier than any ski mask on the market. -Chad

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