Mandatory Alcohol Screening in March

Like it or not, the Regina Police Service is introducing mandatory alcohol screening for the month of March. Any time RPS pulls you over this month, you will have to blow.


You have to blow.

Making a rolling stop turning right on a red light? Guess what?

It doesn’t matter the reason you are pulled over, there will be mandatory screenings.

As if courtrooms aren’t already back logged, I have feeling Lawyers will have a heyday with this and fill them a bit more.

The best way to avoid any penalties, just don’t drink and drive. Having a few the night before heading in to work? Maybe take an Uber or a cab. There are other safe driving services out there that allow you and your vehicle to get home safely!

There is a reward for those that pass the tests. You’ll get a

Police Officers in Their Uniform

and a

for free!

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