Travel and save money

Look, if you’re planning on traveling this summer, you might as well save some money! The best place to do that is with the Better You Harvard Media Auction.

A great family getaway is Heritage Park! If you’re heading west, you might as well save some money on the family vacation and grab a membership! Evan Baran fast fact; Donkeys like blue whale candies. I know this because I scratched my arm with one at Heritage Park when I was a kid and a donkey bit me!

If you’re already in Calgary, you might as well do some shopping and get yourself some of the best gitchies around. Here’s the best part, if you’re not traveling west, Devon+Lang will ship their life changing underwear right to your door! Evan Baran fast fact; Sometimes I wear underwear.

How about a guys or girls golf trip that’s a little closer to home? The Harbor Golf and RV Park in Elbow is an easy day trip, and with multiple lots, you might as well buy a few so more of you can go! Or, buy one and make it a quick couples trip! If that’s the route you go with, make the date complete with some awesome jewelry courtesy of Alie & Elsie!

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