Some of These Prop Bets are Getting Out of Hand

You can bet on just about anything these days, especially when it comes to the Super Bowl.

From surprise guests during the halftime show to the colour of the Gatorade bath, rushing yards, how often Taylor Swift will be shown on the broadcast… the list goes on.  

This year, sports books are taking it to a new level.  

Here are some of the more unusual prop bets heading into the weekend: 

  • Will a player get an “Octopus”? (It’s rare, but it could happen… a player scores a touchdown AND the two-point conversion)
  • Will the power go out in Las Vegas? (Chaos would surely ensue)
  • Will there be a Scorigami?
  • Drake Curse: What team apparel will Drake wear on Super Bowl Sunday? 
  • Will aliens invade the Super Bowl?  (Seriously)

Ironically, I can’t seem to find the over/under on how many sports betting commercials will be featured in the broadcast.

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