Where The F#$# Is My Talkboy?!?!?!?!

As a child I watched Home Alone every Christmas. Every single time I would wish for a Talkboy. The very same toy Kevin used to record his asshole of an Uncle singing in the shower with. I never got one. Even though I begged. I pleaded. I was a good boy (minus the bed wetting until the age of 13 which is completely normal by the way.) But yet…NO TALK BOY!!!! So Santa, I expect one this year!!

I know what you’re thinking. “Chad, that technology is grossly outdated. You can record on your phone now.”. And If I had a Talkboy I would get you to repeat that statement out loud so I could record it and play it back to you so you’d realize how ridiculous you sound. Give me my damn Talkboy!!!-Chad

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