Road Rage: I Can’t Be Alone On This…

I was driving home on Vic yesterday when a little grey car cut me off HARD. Somebody clearly hadn’t learned to signal or shoulder check while changing lanes, forcing me to fully lock up to stop in time. Yeah, I honked. But I thought that would be it.

Now, I know I’m not a perfect driver. Damn near, but not PERFECT! But I have a need to actually SEE imbecile drivers. Some sort of strange curiosity. Perhaps to see if certain stereotypes are met. So, after driving for some time I finally get beside the guy. Guess what…the stereotypes are rarely true. The guy was in his 50’s or 60’s with a long grey ponytail. My guess is he was listening to jam rock. Definitely Phish or The Grateful Dead.

So…after I gave him the patronizing eye roll, I was on my way. By the way…I’m jealous of your ponytail jam rock guy. -Chad

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