Don’t insult Tom Morello like that!

Have you ever gone on one of those Hollywood Tours of the Stars Homes? I assume people only do it in the hopes of coming in contact with someone famous. Like the video of The Rock pulling up on one of the tours and saying “Hi!”

If you ever plan on going on one of those tours, I want you to keep in mind that people that are obsessed with pop culture and famous people tend to be a little light in the smarts department. Don’t believe me, I saw it on the internet, you can read that here!

Now to the important part of the story. A tour with those less intelligent happened to come across Tom Morello out for a walk the other day. Of course, the driver pulls over, and according to the story on Loudwire, the driver asked Morello, “Are you one of those Jersey Shore guys?” To which, of course, Morello replied, “Absolutely.”

So now, there are people out there assuming they got a picture of DJ Pauly D or the Situation. Kind of like that time you thought you met someone famous on a hot trip as a kid, but it was just a really bad tribute artist.


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