Solo Dave Grohl

Okay, it might not be exactly what you think it is. A few weeks ago 10 year old Nandi Bushell challenged Dave Grohl to a drum battle. Grohl, being the deadly guy that he is, accepted.

Now, Dave accepted his defeat but said he had something lined up for the young rocker. “Okay Nandi, you got me. You win round one. But I got something special for you. Something you’ve never heard before. Something I’ve never heard before, because I’m about to write this off the top of my head for you.”

Like the first Foo Fighters album, Dave recorded himself playing the drums, guitar, and bass. He even has backing vocals from “The Grohlettes.”

Nandi, number one supergirl / Nandi, best drummer in the world.” A pretty amazing honour to give the young girl. Grohl is still Rock N’ Rolls nicest dude!


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