Want to play video games against your favourite musician?

If you answered yes, well then do I have news for you!

Hit Parader magazine and  Super League Gaming are teaming up to give you a chance to play against your favourite artist, athlete, and entertainer. The Rock N’ Jock ESports challenge will give you the chance to compete against and alongside some of your favourite famous faces.

Hit Parader CEO Ash Avildsen said, “Giving fans a chance to compete both against and alongside their favorite artists, athletes and entertainers is very special. Doing it with a platform that can let the whole world watch the tournaments and the feuds on their own terms is ideal. Having Hit Parader curate the spectacle is going to make for newfangled interactive entertainment at a time when people really need it.”

Full details for the tournaments will be announced in the coming weeks, including dates and people participating.

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