Woodstock ’99 Docuseries coming to Netflix

There’s a docuseries coming to Netflix about one of the biggest tire fires in the history of live music.

The ’99 version of Woodstock was supposed to be a celebration of the original one that happened 30 years earlier in 1969. Instead of peace and love, the event will forever be remembered for looting, violence, sexual assaults, and other violence.

Two of the most memorable moments from the event; when Limp Bizkit played “Break Stuff” and fans did just that.

***language warning****

When a group promoting peace handed out candles when The Red Hot Chili Peppers played “Under The Bridge” and people used the candles set fire to pretty much everything they could. I’d add that video, but Flea’s man parts are out.

From Deadline, the series will “delve deep into the culture that created Woodstock ’99 and tell the real story behind how ‘three days of peace, love and music’ went down in flames.” Its focus is the “untold story of a landmark musical moment that shaped the cultural landscape for a generation.”



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