Even Jim Morrison’s band mates wondered if he was still alive.

Since his passing in 1971, there have been rumours that Jim Morrison wasn’t actually dead and that he just wanted to escape from the pressures of his life.

Some of the stories were so believable that even some of his former band mates believed it. Recently, Robbie Krieger recalled how these rumours caused arguments among the surviving band members,

“I used to love talking to Ray, and he would always say, ‘I wouldn’t be surprised if Jim turned up,’” the guitarist told Classic Rock. “And I used to think, ‘Come on, man, you don’t really believe that, do you?’ That was pretty much bullshit.” Krieger added that Manzarek’s claims upset drummer John Densmore. “I think [that] really got him and John in a bad … John was really just [upset] about that.”

Morrison was found dead in a bath tub in his hotel room in Paris. Some stories suggest he actually died of a heroin overdose at a club and some friends carried him back to his room and put him in the tub. Morrison was 27.

*quote courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock

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